Obsidian’s Response: Yes, this is true on both counts when it comes to the Swirl, for all the sound and fury on the part of the Sistahood, in the end Black Men walk the walk while Black Women talk the talk, for the most part. Still, with all that being said, the fact remains, as the BBDS itself points out, the vast majority of Black Men still get with Black Women but since that isn’t the point of this claim, let’s get right to the heart of the matter here, actually two: one, if Sistas really want to know WHY so many Brothas date White or non Black Women, they just might consider observing what said other Women do, that they are not doing; sure, one can simply dismiss this point as those Brothas just being colorstruck and nothing they (Black Women) can do will change that. OK, fair enough but if you feel that way, why are you lamenting Brothas who never even gave you a chance in the first place? After all, you can’t miss what you never had, right? And, two: quiet as its kept, the dirty little secret a lot of Sistas don’t like to admit when these kinds of discussions comes up, is that more often than they’re willing to admit, they never were that into those Brothas who crossed over to begin with.

This reflects our commitment to an operational focus while improving our leverage ratio. Our pipeline is strong, with the majority of our target spend currently under letter of intent.On the new contracts front, as I mentioned earlier, our new organic contract growth exceeded expectations in our first year as the new Envision. We started 175 new contracts during the year.

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