It. It is manageable. It is really tough if not everyone brings their own stuff , ie. Saw a $150 7970(280x) on kiji.Also with the hardware you can use steam link as well, might be something you want to look into. :)Taki3d 3 points submitted 2 years agoThe first two sets of shine dair (at 0% you can shine out of your opponent first dair) are followable no matter the DI (except for smash DI) on FD, the only problem was that player made it easy by DI behind instead of forward, and two instances where he DI fully in on NAIR and FSmash.There was horrible survival DI on the fsmash, but that honestly a play on DI because you see the next fsmash that connects he finally starts DI forward, and gets wrecked for it.Seems like the Falco getting comboed isn used to getting comboed by Falco.overlyfondllama 2 points submitted 2 years agoGreat, thanks. I was just clicking in the wrong spot I guess.

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