This is what gets her killed. Made of Indestructium: According to Komodo, the Manuscript can’t be destroyed. Madonna Whore Complex: When we first meet Elysia, she wears a white, high necked dress. Magical Girl Missing Mom: Lili hopes to eventually find her mother by becoming a famous detective. Mood Whiplash: Some of the cases are decidedly darker than the rest. Compare one case, where Lili has to locate a stolen bust, and another, where Lili’s classmate is found murdered behind the gym.

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Fake Bags The bailiff from episode 10 plays a history teacher in “The Track Meet” and “Sir Basil Pike Public School” as well as a supervisor at a consulting firm in the Professionalism and Ethics Simulation. Murray Farmer from that last simulation also makes cameos in episode 10 and is regarded as Gonk by Retsupurae due to how his game’s art style looks out of place in Ambition or how his hand appears to be merging with his face. The prosecuting attorney is also a ghoulish butler in “Move or Die” and a variety store cashier in the intro to the boy’s story of “Sir Basil Pike Public School”.Tropes appearing in Altered States (The Negotiator and The Mediator)Broken Record: Invoked. Fake Bags

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