And a Diet Coke: Fletcher is offered cocoa, which he accepts, and then sugar. He refuses the biscuits, citing watching his weight, as he dumps at least four heaping spoonfuls of sugar in his already sweet cocoa. Artistic License Law: The opening narration in which Fletcher receives the maximum possible sentence after pleading guilty doesn’t reflect the reality of UK sentencing guidelines one of the incentives to plead guilty is a mandatory sentence reduction of at least 10% and possibly up to 33% depending on the exact circumstances. Bottle Episode: A Night In may be the ultimate example. It consists almost entirely of two men talking in a darkened room. The Boxing Episode: When Godber takes up boxing, culminating in a Double Knockout. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick : According to Fletcher, the prison football team has a good mix of “youth, experience, flair and brutality”. British Brevity: 21 episodes. The show came to an end at the height of its popularity, at Barker’s request. The Butcher: Parodied with “The Butcher of Eastgate”. He fiddled his VAT. Cacophony Cover Up: When Harry Grout is forced into organizing the digging of an escape tunnel for another prisoner, the noise of the tunneling is covered up by a choir singing Christmas carols. Chronic Villainy: Fletcher is described as an “habitual criminal” in the opening narration, and has spent a large portion of his adult life in prison. Explored more in the sequel, as Fletcher attempts to “go straight”. Criminal Procedural: Of the convict variety. Cross Referenced Titles: Episodes 3 and 4 are “A Night In” and “A Day Out”. Decision Darts: Fletcher mentions that in his previous prison they used to run roulette by bribing a warden to turn a blind eye, blindfolding the “croupier” and spinning him around when he threw a dart at a dartboard covered with a list of numbers. Until the spinning was a little too vigorous and the warden “turned a blind eye to everything after that”. Disproportionate Retribution: Grouty mentions an inmate who put four prison guards in hospital because someone knocked over his jigsaw puzzle. The Ditz: Heslop. Well go on, Warren. What is your objection?”

Hermes Belt Replica With the battles conducted close replica hermes to shore and with lots of generally small, slow ships that were only useful at close range, tactics at sea in this period mimicked tactics on land. Your ships formed up into ranks, tried to maneuver and flank the enemy from the side, and then charged into them, with the battle devolving into a general melee after this point. If you want a good picture of this, the first act of Ben Hur is a pretty decent reenactment. Hermes Belt Replica

Replica Hermes Belt Betty is considerably better at this than Hannah, for reasons that are probably obvious (namely, one’s a thief and the other’s a wizard). Casual Danger Dialogue: Much of the group’s banter in combat is this. Cerebus Syndrome: Starting with the third arc, which culminates with the party splitting and Hannah giving into the dark side and the others not wanting anything to do with her. Cluster F Bomb: Cursing in this book is NOT censored, and all four of the girls have fairly foul mouths. Replica Hermes Belt

Hermes Handbags Ryu and Ken: Gorkers and Morkers have minor differences in what skills their warriors have, but otherwise are extremely similar. Scavenger World: Everything is based on a) looted bits of the hulk, b) looted bits of the Imperial ships, c) stuff pulled out of the ruins, or d) looted bits of other people’s stuff, which started out as a), b), or c). Silly Reason for War: Granted, Orks would beat each other senseless at the slightest excuse anyway, but nearly destroying their only way off Angelis while fighting over which of two extremely similar deities it looks like has to take the cake. Hermes Handbags

Replica Hermes ZOMG! has a blue, battery shaped Stamina meter next to the Health meter. Stamina is consumed when using rings. Like Health, you restore a certain amount of Stamina per tick, though you can increase the rate by kneeling (at the cost of tripling all damage received) or by using certain buffs. Certain power ups also instantly restore a portion of your Health and Stamina. Unlike Health, your maximum Stamina never increases, nor can you reduce the Stamina cost of a ring Replica Hermes.

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