OK, ENOUGH PLAY DATE DRESS UP. Quit being your and get a spine. We have a classic uniform, respect it (although you made that a lot harder to do now). Browns enjoys this traffic backlog despite the fact that a stone’s throw from here a few of my favourite, long running independent spots were not yet at capacity. But I digress; it is not my intention to get political or polemical about the eternal Big Box versus Little Guy battle that unfolds nightly in every part of this city. Regular readers already know where I stand on that debate..

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If Rhodes and Jason Collins spend the next full year unemployed, that basically a gigantic FUCK YOU from general managers. DURRRRR WE CAN HAVE OUR BOYS DISTRACTED BY THE IDEA OF YOU SUCKING A DICK DURRRRRR. It would send a clear signal to closeted players to keep their mouths shut.

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