Potential Security moncler outlet online Impacts of Cyberspace Misuse Considered in First Committee

buy moncler jackets Cyber crime and cyber terrorism were on the rise, as the fast growth of information and communications technologies transformed the world into a global village, with profound impacts on all aspects of social and economic life, including security, the First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) heard today as it continued its thematic debate.

As the cheap moncler jackets outlet world became a community of common destiny bound moncler coats for women by intertwined interests in cyberspace, the representative of China said, the risks of an arms race and conflict in cyberspace were growing. Cyber security was as much a development issue as a security issue, and deficient security in one moncler coats cheap country could undermine the security of all. No State could single handedly obtain absolute security, and countries must therefore abandon the zero sum mentality and pursue a new cyber security concept based on common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security.

cheap moncler coats Indeed, cyberspace had emerged as the new domain of warfare along with traditional arenas, the representative of Pakistan said. Moncler sale The ability to act anonymously or in secret without traditional geographical limitations, at a womens moncler jackets very low risk to human life, coupled with the ability to mass produce cyber weapons quickly and cheaply, made them extremely attractive and dangerous.

Similarly, the representative of Ecuador said now that each individual on the planet could communicate with any other through technology, the world had discovered mechanisms of global vigilance that did not distinguish between borders, or between criminals and law moncler outlet woodbury abiding citizens, and did not respect sovereignty and privacy. However, he stressed that cyberspace was not outside the bounds of legality, and it was important for legal standards to be applied there. moncler jackets toronto The history of humankind had been marked by the expansion of the rights of all human beings, which included moncler outlet privacy and the inviolability of communication.

On a related note, the representative of the Russian Federation said that all moncler outlet kids global programmes connected with moncler coats outlet the use of telecommunications, including capacity building, ensuring freedom of access, and guaranteeing the rights of private Discount Moncler Coats citizens, could only be successful if information security was achieved. However, States had sovereignty over information and telecommunications technology infrastructures in their own territories, and any accusation against States of cyber attacks should be supported by evidence.

International cyber stability and conflict prevention were best advanced by established international law in conjunction with additional voluntary cyber specific norms of responsible State behaviour in peacetime, the representative of the United States said. All had incentives to cooperate and avoid conflict, and all had good reason not to disrupt or attack each other a concept often called “international cyber stability”. He said it was a fundamental goal of his country to create a climate in which all States could enjoy the benefits of cyberspace.

cheap moncler outlet Speaking on other disarmament matters, the representative of Cuba said that international treaties on moncler coats for men nuclear disarmament had to include measures to protect the environment, and that compliance with environmental standards in drafting treaties should be mandatory for all States.

moncler mens jackets During the meeting, drafts were introduced on the treaty on the South East Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone; the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and Caribbean; follow up to the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons; Official Moncler Outlet and on the role of science and technology in the context of international security and disarmament.

moncler outlet Also speaking during the cluster on other disarmament measures and international security were the representatives of Indonesia (on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement), Uruguay (on behalf of UNASUR), Egypt (on behalf of the Arab Group), Algeria, Venezuela, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia, Israel, India, Switzerland, Italy, Kuwait, Spain and Malaysia.

During the cluster on regional disarmament, the representatives moncler coats sale of Myanmar, Ukraine, Peru, Morocco, Israel and Azerbaijan also spoke.

moncler outlet online The representatives of Russian Federation, Armenia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan spoke in exercise of the right of reply. on Monday, 2November, to continue its thematic debate.

cheap moncler sale The First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) met this afternoon to continue its thematic debate segment. For more information please see Press Release GA/DIS/3536.

monlcer down jackets Statements, Regional Disarmament and Security

moncler sale ZIN MAR HTWE (Myanmar), associating with the Non Aligned Movement, said his country fully supported the roles played by the three Regional Centres, particularly in Asia and Pacific, in promoting global disarmament and non proliferation through national capacity building. Myanmar moncler outlet canada also appreciated the work of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, as the Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in organizing a nuclear disarmament training programme for young diplomats from Southeast Asia. Myanmar would host a national roundtable in January2016, in cooperation with the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, on Security Council resolution1540(2004). Myanmar commended the Disarmament Fellowship Programme organized each year by the Office for Disarmament Affairs and was one of its beneficiaries this year. The Office, he suggested, could invite more women, especially from the least developed countries, to expand their participation in the areas of peace and disarmament.

ANDRIY TSYMBALIUK (Ukraine) expressed his concern about the accelerated militarization of the autonomous region of Crimea. He was particularly concerned about the Russian Federation’s steps of deploying nuclear weapons and their carriers on that occupied territory. That action infringed upon Ukraine’s non nuclear weapon status and indicated ongoing violations of the Russian Federation’s obligations as an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) member. Since the illegal annexation of the Crimean peninsula, the number of Moncler Factory Outlet troops there had more than doubled. Armoured vehicles had increased from 130 to 600units and combat aircraft from 22 to 124.

Ukraine possessed confirmed information, he said, that in the coming months, the Russian Federation would further strengthen its forces in Crimea. That would include up to three mechanized brigades, up to three regiments of fighter bombers, squadrons of submarines and other forces. The militarization was also influencing the shipbuilding sector of Crimea. Those facts underlined the violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and discount moncler outlet territorial integrity. It should be a common responsibility to discount moncler jackets take adequate steps to respond properly to the situation. He urged all States to condemn such acts and the Russian Federation to withdraw from Crimea, which was an integral part of Ukraine’s territory.

moncler outlet sale GUSTAVO MEZA CUADRA (Peru), associating with the Non Aligned Movement and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), said that Latin America and the Caribbean was a very diverse region with different levels of development. Governments required technical tools and economic resources to confront their various challenges. Too many resources were allocated to weapons, which was why the General Assembly had trusted the Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and Caribbean to assist with disarmament efforts. Thanks to the support provided by the Centre, the States of the region had moved forward to train personnel and develop and implement standards in areas relating to disarmament and security. The Centre had provided training to more than 50members of the security services on the control of small arms and light weapons, particularly on marking and tracing, as well as control over conventional weapons overall. He introduced a draft resolution on the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and Caribbean, which would reiterate firm support for the Centre’s role in promoting regional capacities.

cheap moncler MOUNA OUAZZANI (Morocco), associating with the Non Aligned Movement and the African and Arab Groups, said that responding to terrorism and organized crime was of particular importance in Africa, taking note of the situation in the Sahara and Sahel regions. Morocco had been one of the moncler coats for kids first to warn about the connections between terrorism, drug crime, human trafficking and other threats. Events in Mali, serious attacks against territorial integrity, and attacks moncler jackets cheap by Boko Haram had confirmed Morocco’s fears. In July, it had hosted the inaugural conference on border security, in coordination with the United States, to combat terrorism and instability in the region. In the same spirit, the country had been among the first signatories of the African Nuclear moncler outlets usa Weapon Free Zone Treaty, and was party to all instruments moncler jackets mens related to weapons of mass destruction. It was regrettable that the 2015Review Conference of the Treaty moncler jackets kids on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) had been unable to take steps to establish such a zone in the Middle East. An international conference on that issue would provide an opportunity to launch a process to strengthen regional peace and security.

TAMAR RAHAMIMOFF HONIG (Israel) cheap moncler coats for women said that her country’s policy in the field of regional security and arms control had always endorsed a pragmatic and realistic approach. It was rooted in its belief that the security concerns of all regional States should be taken into account and realistically addressed within a direct regional dialogue. That engagement must be firmly planted in the regional context if it was to be substantive and meaningful. To think that shortcuts and detours were possible without attending to the core security challenges facing the region was misleading. That was especially pronounced in an environment of growing instability in the Middle East.

Regrettably, she said, there were countries in the Middle East presently that had no mechanisms through which to foster dialogue. There was no regional forum in which those States could communicate directly with each other and discuss core issues affecting their individual and collective security. Such forums could also contribute to building confidence. Israel continued to believe that such a dialogue was fundamental for any substantive discussion based on the principle of consensus. For its part, Israel would continue to seek such a meaningful regional discussion that could lead to a more peaceful and secure Middle East and hoped that its neighbours would adopt a similar approach.

FARID JABRAYILOV (Azerbaijan), associating with the Non Aligned Movement, stated that his country valued the contributions made by the United Nations Programme of Action on small moncler outlet mall arms and light weapons, the International Tracing Instrument and the Protocol on Firearms in addressing the illicit trade in and excessive accumulation of those weapons. Turning to regional matters, he said that Armenia was building up its military presence and capability in the Nagorno Karabakh moncler jackets men region and other occupied territories of Azerbaijan, and the conventional arms control mechanism was not effective there. Regretting the international community’s indifference to that problem, he cautioned that as long as Armenia continued to follow its aggressive policy, any talks about peace and cooperation in the region would be irrelevant.

Exercising his right of reply, the representative of the Russian Federation said that, strange as it might sound, he wanted to express sympathy to the Ukrainian delegate for having been forced to read such an awful text. Nothing that delegate had read out had any bearing on reality nor was it relevant to the topic under discussion. He also expressed compassion and sympathy for the fraternal people of Ukraine and said they would always be one big family. Someone had brought war into their common home from abroad and a civil war to Ukraine. What was being heard now was a clear demonstration of what was moncler jackets outlet online taking moncler coats place and what could take cheap moncler jackets wholesale place in a State when a military overthrow, civil war and hatred was imported from abroad. That was capable of destroying the last vestiges of statehood.

Obviously, he went on, that played to someone’s benefits, but he was not going to say whose interest, moncler coats for cheap although most people knew that. He did not want to exchange accusations, but everyone knew who had organized the overthrow of the Government in Ukraine. That was a huge tragedy for the Russian Federation and Ukraine. The Russian Federation had never waged war in Ukraine and would never do so, no matter how much people would like that to happen. As for Crimea, it had been for a time an administrative part of Ukraine, but in a wholly democratic referendum, the people of Crimea had expressed their will to return to the Russian Federation. It had always been and would always be an integral part of the Russian Federation. He invited everyone to visit that part of the Russian Federation and see for themselves a democratic society that rejected ethnic tensions and hatred.

Also speaking in exercise of the right of reply, the representative of Armenia said that Azerbaijan was among the few countries worldwide that boasted about its astronomical military expenditure. That was not something to be proud of when the rest of the world was focused on development. Azerbaijan had never made secret that it had pursued military solutions to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. An official had even said that “70percent of the enemy will moncler jackets outlet be destroyed with first strike. After one strike, Armenia will not recover even in 100 years.” The Azerbaijan representative said that confidence could not occur before peace, but that represented a difference in strategy. Compromise was one of the only options available.

cheap moncler jackets The representative of Ukraine, exercising his right of reply, responded to the Russian Federation’s representative, saying that taking the other slant was not the best way to brotherhood. It was evident moncler outlet usa that the annexation of Crimea had been planned for a long time. In fact, the medal presented for the return of Crimea was labelled20/02/2014 18/03/2014. That meant that the campaign had started 24days before the fake referendum in Crimea. The matter was very important, not moncler outlet uk just for the region, but for the world.

The representative of moncler outlet ny Azerbaijan, exercising his right of reply, moncler jackets on sale said he defied the baseless accusations of the Armenian representative against his country. Everyone was perplexed to hear that representative’s condemnation of the use of force by a country that used force to occupy Azerbaijan’s territories and whose behaviour was the reason for the impasse in current negotiations. Armenia had violated its international obligations by carrying out ethnic cleansing, and had constructed a subordinate separatist entity. The Security Council had reaffirmed Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and the inviolability of internationally recognized borders and had demanded the withdrawal of occupying forces from Azerbaijan. The Armenian representative had expressed concerns about military budgets. A comprehensive analysis of the population, territory, annual budget of Armenia and of its military personnel and receipt of assistance cheap moncler showed that Armenia was the most moncler outlet store militarized country in the South Caucasus, and it regularly conducted military https://www.moncleroutletssale.com exercises in occupied territories.

moncler outlet store Speaking again, the representative of the Russian Federation thanked his Ukrainian colleague for his very interesting reference to the wonderful medal that he buy moncler jackets toronto mentioned. He did not know if that delegate deserved a medal himself. He said he could assure the Committee that the medal was in fact designed earlier, when, together with Ukraine, the Russian Federation had defended Crimea against others, including France and the United Kingdom, in 1856. At that time, everyone in that territory, which was suddenly called “Ukraine”, had participated in that war. That medal was of great interest and a part of history.

moncler sale outlet Also speaking again, moncler outlet online store the representative of Ukraine said that his Russian colleague was mistaken, and they were thinking moncler jackets canada about different things. The medal to which he referred was circulated in 2014, and unfortunately, it was not such a historical artefact. It was a reminder of another war; the war against Ukraine.

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