One Winged Angel: The Lizard gets turned into an even bigger and more monstrous version of himself by Calypso. “Open!” Says Me: Being extremely determined to catch the Kingpin, Spider Man smashes his way through several doors to get to him. Parasol of Pain: All of the Arsenic Candy girls wield deadly umbrellas for fighting. Parasol Parachute: A few cutscenes depict the Arsenic Candy doing this with their umbrellas. Their leader, Priscilla, is somehow able to fly with it. Power Glows: Black Suit Spider Man will gain a red aura around him whenever he’s put into his rage mode. Power Up Letdown: In the PS2 version, upgrades will eventually turn the red suit more powerful than the black suit is. Once you reunlock the suit after collecting the emblems after beating the game, the black suit’s super mode (Once the adrealine meter fills) is removed, resetting the meter as soon as it fills, eventually rendering the black suit pointless. Press X to Not Die: The game’s Scrappy Mechanic in an infuriating degree. Protection Mission: There’s several missions dedicated to defending a hostage, and one of the last missions in the game involves Spider Man having to defend a canister containing a cure for the lizardmen from said enemies. Punched Across the Room: Spider Man gets the receiving end of this when Scorpion first punches him. Red Alert: MechaBioCon gets put on this during Spider Man first trip through it, resulting in him having to use other means of escaping. Related in the Adaptation: The game made Morbius and Shriek husband and wife their comics counterparts being enemies in Maximum Carnage, where the latter also had the hots for the titular Carnage. Retcon: The game appears to change Scorpion’s backstory from the first movie game. In the first game, he was being chased by Oscorp, and was strongly implied to have been their creation. In 3, MechaBioCon is stated to have created him. Save the Villain: At one point in the third Mad Bomber mission, Spidey saves one of Carlyle’s mooks from some rubble. The mook attacks him anyway. Shockwave Stomp: Rhino will do this move multiple times, causing damage to Spider Man if he doesn’t move out of the way. Spidey has a few special attacks that do this with his fists from midair. everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider Man?

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wholesale replica bags Abusive Parents: Bill’s dad was physically abusive and his mom ignored it. Accidental Pun: Bill’s “I hope I’ve aroused your curiosity. if nothing else.” is met with laughter by his audience during a meeting, much to his chagrin. He then proceeds to turn it into a successful catchphrase to conclude his sales presentations. Adaptational Attractiveness: Masters and Johnson were nowhere as strikingly attractive as Sheen as Caplan. In fact, by 1965, Masters was bald and grey. Compare Real life vs fiction. After the series premiered, Thomas Maier’s book was reprinted and the original cover was replaced by a new one with the lead actors The Alcoholic: Bill is attending court mandated AA meetings in season 4 though they have yet to admit they have a drinking problem. All Gays Are Promiscuous: Deconstructed with the analysis that committed homosexual relationships were nearly impossible in this era. All Men Are Perverts: Played with. The revelation women can be too is a major source of tension. All Psychology Is Freudian: Averted, which is unsurprising given that the Masters and Johnson study was one of the major things to undermine Freudian psychology. masturbation is biologically less satisfying than heterosexual sex). Masters is unsurprised by the results (thinking little of Freud) but they take it further than he had envisioned or done any work regarding. Anguished Declaration of Love: Masters to Johnson at the end of “Manhigh”. And again towards the end of “Full Ten Count”. Anti Hero: Doctor Masters is a variant of this. The show is about him, he takes the Hippocratic oath very seriously and big ego aside, he wants to help people with his groundbreaking work. However his inability to express his emotions in a healthy way and his arrogance oftentimes leads to him making the lives of his wife and Ginny (who are much nicer people) hell, and several times, his manipulative, possessive schemes to assert control over Virginia turn him very close to a Villain Protagonist. The show also lacks a traditional villain as the enemy is the sexism, restrictive traditions of medicine and biases of their society. Armored Closet Gay: The provost is an all too realistic example of this, marrying and having children. A prostitute becomes this as well. Auto Erotica: Virginia and Ethan both discuss first timing in the back of a car. Betty and Veronica: With Libby and Virginia split between Bill. Badass Boast: During the aptly named episode “The Excitement of Release”:Johnson: We killed Freud wholesale replica bags.

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