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canada goose factory sale This is a fine time for a refresher on the rules of this subreddit, which can Canada Goose Outlet be found on the sidebar.Use whatever criteria you want when deciding to engage with someone or not but any comments accusing anyone else of being a or dismissing them canada goose outlet online uk out of hand for participation in any other subreddit will be removed on sight under Rule 2 Discreditation.If you choose to converse with an individual you are expected to treat them as an individual and not offer lazy pre judgements canada goose outlet nyc based upon where else they comment or what you believe they must be in order to express the views they are expressing. This goes for self avowed Trump supporters and the harshest critics of Trudeau just as much as it does for anyone else everyone gets the canada goose outlet sale same protection of the rules in this subreddit and is welcome to participate so long as they abide by them.Moderators have very limited tools to identify and block those intending to troll and cannot identify the geographic location of posters. There is no way to prove if someone with that intent is Russian, American, or Canadian and I suspect the tradeoff from any such loss of anonymity on Reddit would not be a net positive.Any post that we come across that we deem to be trolling will be removed under Rule 8. canada goose factory sale

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