Nanny jailed for life for stabbing two young children to death and leaving bloodied bodies in bathtub

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Prosecutors Designer Fake Bags said Ortega was jealous of the children’s mum Marina Krim and felt guilty for purse replica handbags failing to raise her own son, Replica Bags Wholesale who she left with a sister in the Dominican Republic when he was four.

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aaa replica bags Lulu and Fake Designer Bags Leo’s father replica Purse Kevin Krim burst into tears as Ortega was convicted on four counts of murder. Ortega sat stone replica handbags online faced and motionless. aaa replica bags

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“You’re evil and you like this, she screamed. “You’re getting pleasure. Get me out of here. Please, get me out of wholesale replica designer handbags here. Get Fake Handbags me out.”

buy replica bags And Mr Krim brought the courtroom to tears when Replica Bags he described seeing the bodies of his children. buy replica replica bags bags

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Ortega was looking after the young children in replica handbags china their New York luxury apartment, when she hallucinated that a Replica Handbags devil told her “to kill the children and herself”, her trial heard.

Student, 25, whose rare condition makes her constantly Handbags Replica feel hungry says parents locked fridge so she couldn’t steal food

The court heard she had taken the children to their KnockOff Handbags apartment instead of Lulu’s dance class and stabbed them to death with kitchen knives in the bathroom.

She then placed them in the bath before mum Wholesale Replica Bags Mrs Krim walked in on the horror scene just as Ortega began slicing her own wrists and plunging a knife into her throat, reports the Daily News.

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Her attorney Valerie Van Leer Greenberg told The Supreme Court in Manhattan that she Replica Designer Handbags should be found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

(Image: wabc tv)

Her attorney Valerie Van Leer Greenberg told The Supreme Court in Manhattan that she should be found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

“The reason for the defendant’s actions lay within her delusional mind,” Ortega’s attorney Valerie Van Leer Greenberg said in her summations Monday.

But Ortega later undermined her insanity defense, denying hearing any instructions from Satan in video interviews shown to the jury.

She wiped away a tear as high quality replica handbags she was led out of the courtroom wearing a pink long sleeve shirt and handcuffs.

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