For example, on weekends the whole family can go on fun outings. This way, parents and children will be able to bond and have a chance to catch up with one another’s lives. When children have a healthy family life, they end up feeling a lot more secure and being able to relate well with other people..

When she goes missing on Amalthea, the Space Board makes no effort to find her, because the Jovian moons are already a hotbed of separatist activity and they’re afraid that sending a Space Board cutter out there to track down a missing white girl might start a riot on Ganymede. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: William Laird’s attempts to consolidate power over the Free Spirit make it a hell of a lot easier for Sparta to seriously injure the whole organization. No Communities Were Harmed: Josepha Walsh’s nationality is never specifically given, although she’s said to come from a “green island” in the Caribbean.

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