“You know, we go to sleep at night and wake up hoping it’s just a bad dream.”Yarmey’s parents appeared at the Edmonton Law Courts Thursday to show support for their son and warn about the dangers of fentanyl.Parents of man charged w/ manslaughter in fentanyl death defend son. He was addicted to the drug. She said her son went to sleep but that Kalich never woke up.”Our son would never have meant him any harm,” she said.

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A. This legislation comes as close to the line as a state can in banning abortion, and it does so by driving abortion clinics out of business under the articulated purpose of protecting women’s health. If HB2 stands, 75 percent of abortion clinics in Texas will close.

She’s been noticing the noises for a week now. It all began a week ago Friday she said when she was sitting around the table with friends and heard noises of an animal scratching. At first they thought it might be a mouse, but then decided it had to be something bigger maybe a squirrel.

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