When the guests finally leave, Don immediately recoils. I thought it seemed like there were moments when Don was genuinely enjoying himself. But no, he says he wasn’t. He is a showman, after all. He’s grumpy and tired and he doesn’t like his birthday and he doesn’t like parties. The most important part of this convo is that Megan knows about his past! He told her! She teases, “Nobody loves Dick Whitman but I love you,” kind of like ‘it’s enough with the sob story, it’s no big deal, just rock out with me.’ She’s encouraging him to move forward. When he says, “I’ve been 40 for half a year,” she responds, “Only you know that, this is your birthday now.” This is why Megan is good for him. He tells her, “More people feel the way I do than the way you do.” Yes, but that’s the point. Megan is distinctly different. Betty never threw him parties because he forbid it, but Megan’s not part of this group of people that subscribes to the world according to Don. She’s the opposite of Betty who played the assigned part. Megan puts on the show. While Don may like this now, this is would not have worked for the younger Don who married Betty to create the perfect shell of a life. It’s only now that he’s established and confident that this perky opposition is charming. Even though I took all this positive info from their fight, they’re both pissed off.

replica handbags china Some music related ramblings from Polynesia: I had brunch last Sunday in Pukalani with a gentleman who enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam War in order to avoid being drafted into the army. It was discovered that he had supersonic hearing, and so he ended up in Naval Intelligence where his auditory prowess were combined with technology to detect enemy entities underwater. Not only that, his father was a conductor who regularly walked to work with Albert Einstein in Princeton. His Dad knew enough about science to challenge Einstein on one weakness in his relativity theory (!) and Albert enjoyed discussing music, of course. My newly made friend Dad also emulated Einstein by purchasing the same special bicycle for the price of a car. Regarding whales, my friend said they had the ability to communicate with each other all the way from Maui to Alaska, and that they could repeat a lasting over thirty minutes on subsequent occasions in exact detail. Yesterday, I purchased some shirts on sale in Paia from a woman whose uncle turned out to be Fu Yuan Soong. Earlier that morning in Lahaina, I met briefly a favorite singer whose abilities would appear to defy genres if so challenged: Michael McDonald. replica handbags china

cheap replica handbags (Chris Rands/CBC)In the reports made public this week, auditors found glaring examples of how government departments fail to understand the scope of the problems Canadians face in getting access to services.For example, auditors found the Canada Revenue Agency’s call centre blocked 29 million calls to the help line, and gave out wrong advice to nearly a third of those callers who did manage to get through.The government also failed to adequately follow up with the provinces to ensure Syrian refugees had proper access to health care and schools.And the auditor general said it was clear that the problems with the Phoenix payroll system that has underpaid many public servants, overpaid some others and left fake bags thousands without a pay cheque at all, will cost far more to fix than the government has acknowledged.He blamed Public Services and Procurement Canada and the Treasury Board for failing to recognize early enough the depth and severity of the Phoenix problem, and failed to involve other departments in developing a timely plan to deal with the issueFerguson told The House that, despite the severity of the problems his auditors identified, he has limited ability to follow up on his own other than conducting another audit, generally years later.”Now we’ve been working with the public accounts committee on them actually bringing departments back more often on the same topic, to see whether the department can tell them what progress they have been making,” he said.”We need to have a number of different ways to try and make sure that the departments understand the importance of actually living up to what they say they’re going to do.”Senior bureaucrats to be calledLiberal vice chair Alexandra Mendes says the public accounts committee is willing to call in the government’s top bureaucrat, Michael Wernick, to make sure every department head understands that business as usual will no longer cut it. cheap replica handbags

Replica Bags Second, http://www.replicahandbagstc.com a hasty pullout undermines the training and strengthening of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). Over the past three years, the ANSF has made remarkable progress in size and quality and is now responsible for security of 75 percent of Afghanistan’s population. But it still remains heavily reliant on the coalition for enablers, such as logistics, air power, medevac, reconnaissance, route clear equipment and intelligence. A Pentagon study released last month rated only one of 23 Afghan Army brigades as independent. Without coalition’s help, the ANSF’s operational capabilities will decline dramatically. NATO and other allied nations would also not provide sufficient numbers of advisors and mentors for the ANSF if they perceive ambivalence from Washington Replica Bags.

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