3. Our Goals What is the overall goal of the copy? Is it sales, opt ins, opinions or feedback. 4. Personally, he can’t walk away from the table fast enough so I can use my phone for more than five seconds without feeling like a jerk.”But Brandon never returned to the table.Instead Ryann received a shocking text message from him, which read: “Thanks for dinner! Hard no welcome to Cali fatty.””I sit there for a minute and process what just happened, then I realize that this bill still needs to be paid. I walk up to the waitress and tell her what happened,” continues Ryann.”She walks away for a few and comes back and tells me her manager says that the $50 bill still needs to be paid. Mind you, all I had was a $6 beer.Woman sends boyfriend surprise takeaway in romantic gesture but delivery man spots something upsetting”The worst part about all of this? He’s a FATHER! To GIRLS!!! And did some further digging and found that his Instagram is full of racist posts, and creeper shots of people he considers ‘fat’.”She added: “Moral of the story: do your research FIRST, gal pals.

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