Some tanks are sometimes inferior to their real life counterparts the IS 7 is a notable examplenote it had a higher top speed, among other things for the sake of balancing the game. Other times, they are far better: the KV 2 was quickly phased out of service as it became apparent that it was poorly suited for armoured warfarenote it’s turret was so big and heavy it couldn’t even turn it unless on level ground, among other issues, yet is an absolute terror in game. Much of this comes from other real life factors such as engine reliability not coming into effect in game, since RNG based mechanical failures would be about as far from “fun” as possible.

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SHELLEY: (Singing) And my eyes are still searching for a light in the fog, a sweetheart to sing for me. I was thrown from the center where I once so greatly spun. I was pulled through the colors. Most famous mummies ever written about was Amunet, who was known as a deity or rather a highly known Goddess (Taylor, 1998). Other than being a traditional royal subject, tattoos had significance for female Egyptians. Lineberry (2007), “The tattooing of Ancient Egyptian women had a therapeutic role, and functioned as a permanent form of amulet during the very difficult time of pregnancy and birth” (Tattoos, para 5).

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