How to Make Tea Leaf Eggs

moncler moncler sale outlet mens jackets About: Architect/designer based between Chicago and SE Minnesota. Resource based problem solver. in other words, I always take a minute to peek in construction dumpsters :)Tea leaf eggs are a traditional Chinese dish. My girlfriend loves them on a road trip and has fond childhood memories of open tupperware filling the car with their pleasant aroma (mainly the aniseed). this one moncler jackets outlet looks similar cheap moncler SaltSugarWhat is shown is the traditional recipe. you can really add or substitute freely. Much like making sangria, bread, jambalaya, really anything. recipes are made to be adjusted ๐Ÿ™‚ moncler mens jackets

cheap moncler coats if you are hard boiling fresh eggs make sure to give them three days to settle. the membrane needs to relax or they are impossible to peelStep 2: Steeping Your Eggs cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet online We keep the eggs in their shell. The traditional method is to roll the eggs which creates a marble texture when steeped. You could just as easily steep traditional hardboiled eggs as you would for pickled eggs. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler Brew an exceptionally strong tea. even with the Cantonese tea I still double the amount I would typically use to make a cup. 2tbsp / cup of water. Brew enough tea to cover the eggs. Add Salt, Star Aniseed, Sugar. I always add roughly two big spoons of salt and sugar for batches between 8 20 eggs. I’ve never noticed any variation. I add 6 8 star aniseeds per batch. Love the flavor and I will start adding more. Add cracked eggs to simmering brew. at the end of brewing I add the eggs. Let moncler outlet them sit on the heat for a moncler outlet few min. Initial Steep + Add Soy. the whole mixture to steep for 6 10 hours before moving to the fridge. This is when I add the dark soy sauce. I put in almost moncler outlet sale 1tbsp per egg. That’s nearly twice the amount of the recipe in the earlier photo. I suggest starting with 1tbsp for every 2 eggs. Extended Steep. we typically transfer to a tupperware when moving to the fridge. We keep the eggs in their shells and add cheap moncler jackets the full mix (including tea leaves). You could peal. suggested if preserving. when preserving moncler sale in my blog a refrigerated mason jar I add a dash of Citric Acid. I’m a fan see this recent instructable Citric Acid Gets a ShakerStep 3: Crack + Enjoy cheap moncler outlet uk moncler

moncler outlet We’ve enjoyed experimenting with tea leaf eggs. They are a wonderful traditional dish that is fun to share with friends. My first two coops are shown here A Frame Chicken Coop. We live in MN and I posted an instructable on keeping chickens through the winter: Backyard moncler jacket sale Chickens Thrive in Winter moncler moncler factory outlet outlet.

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