Being physically able to do something doesn mean you should, or that it the best option. For one thing, up until relatively recently, the whole idea of being a “teenager” didn exist, so there was not as distinct a social gap between a teen and an adult. For another, offspring typically had a low survival rate, so it was necessary for people to have more pregnancies/children in order for a reasonable number to survive to adulthood.

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cheap yeezys For example, Dave got into a Twitter flame war over his statement people make 12% in the stock market. Of course this is false. Returns vary widely in the stock market and over long periods the stock market returns 7% plus inflation. Thus, the Bourgeoisie/rich in every facet of society, as well as those simply associated with this ideology were targeted for humiliation, persecution, and beating. This also included the elite intellectuals and teachers. As a result, there was great bloodshed and anarchy, while China suffered greatly in terms of education and economy, leading to severe cheap white jordan shoes poverty and unemployment.. cheap yeezys

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