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Cheap Prada I will be at his next tour and will keep him in prayer.”While another posted: ” I hope you’re okay Justin xxx Your health and wellbeing is more important than the tour. We beliebers support you no matter what. Well done for all the hard work you and the rest of the crew did over the past 18 months Love you xxx”Mirror Online has contacted Justin’s representatives for comment.Read MoreTop news stories todayUK WorldMum screams in terror as man tried to snatch child from outside Primark but brave passers by saved girlThe passers by tackled the man to the floor and helped return the five year old girl safely to her mother in Manchester city centreSex crimeDouble manhunt launched after teen raped by two different attackers including man she begged for helpShortly after the first attack, the girl walked out of the station and flagged down a passing vehicle to ask for help Cheap Prada.

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