Suitable for children aged 10-11 years transitioning from primary to post primary school

Programme delivery of 2 hours [2 x 1 hour session]Delivery venue-primary schools

An interactive programme with arts& crafts and discussion activities

  • Managing change-dealing with fears, anxieties and excitement
  • Hygiene
  • Being prepared

Evaluation Comments from Pupils

‘There was no particular subject that was my favourite they all really helped boost my confidence and I’m not just writing this to get it over and done with, I’m being truthful’

‘The best thing is telling people about your worries and getting rid of them.’

‘The best thing is learning about my emotions and worries and help me make them better’

Evaluation Comments from Teachers

‘I think it is very important for pupils to engage in issues and points regarding transition.  I would see it as very effective again in the future’