Supporting Families North Belfast

Supporting Families North Belfast (SFNB) Project is a partnership of four Healthy Living Centres and WISPA in North Belfast and the Project brings together individual elements from each of the partners to deliver a holistic care pathway using good health as the foundation for the delivery of family support services.






SFNB can deliver a range of children’s confidence and resiliency programmes to local primary schools and community centres. The programmes will be based on key nutritional and physical activities designed to aid the development of a healthy lifestyle.

CHILDREN’S HEALTH PROGRAMMES will be delivered as part of the SFNB project as follows:
•    Children’s Health programme for pupils in primary 2/3
•    Self Esteem programme for pupils in primary 5/6
•    Moving On programme for pupils in primary 7

PARENTS/CARERS PROGRAMME to local Primary Schools/Community Groups.  SFNB provides an 18 week parent/carer programme that is broken down into three elements:

•    Nutritional element- 6 sessions
•    Physical activity element- 6 sessions
•    Personal development/ stress management element- 6 sessions

JOINT PARENTS/CARERS AND CHILDREN PROGRAMMES 6 week programme to designed to strengthen family relationships and communication


  • Child Counselling
  • Time Together
  • Adult counselling




For more information on any of our services please get in touch:

Family Support Worker
Trish Brady – 07552404245

Programme Co-ordinator
Claire Allen- 07585125743 claire@communityhealthpartnership.

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