Suitable for children aged 8-11 years

Programme delivery of 6 hrs 40 minutes-[4 x 1 hour sessions 4 x 40 minute sessions]Delivery venue-primary schools

A programme workbook takes pupils through a range of arts & crafts; drama and peer massage activities

  • Confidence & Resilience-how to build coping strategies
  • How to be a good friend
  • The Art of listening
  • Bully Busting
  • Peer Massage activities-to encourage improved concentration and behaviours

Evaluation Comments from Pupils

‘I have learnt how to respect someone and I can talk about how I feel about things’

‘I’m different and that’s good, also I learnt that listening is important’

‘I fully learnt about bullying, I thought I knew it all but it turned out I didn’t’

Evaluation Comments from Teachers

‘Looking at qualities that are important for friendship not just being nice, i.e. listening, responding and showing respect – also the importance of hygiene as they approach puberty.’

‘It developed the children’s thinking skills in terms of reflecting on their actions, so very useful.’