The teams from Dominican Republic and Venezuela also have light followings. The Australian color scheme of dark gray and neon green has helped with their popularity at the gift shop, especially with younger fans. But that is for players and coaches only, which typically makes it tough on the international families to make the trip..

“Your last game at the staples, can you give us 50 that night?” Shaquille O asks Kobe Bryant. “No!” Kobe Bryant tells O Much has been made about what could been if Shaq and Kobe both stayed in LA. After all, four trips to the finals in five years is about as good as it gets.

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These aren’t pure nostalgists, either. They recognize today’s wrestlers are dedicated to the sport in a way different from the 1950’s. They revel in the sport’s growth “go to states in the 1950’s and maybe there were 500 people there, and now there’s 9,000,” Getz said.

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